Web Services

Web application development

We employ cutting edge modern technologies involving PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Ruby on Rails and other open source platforms to develop superbly integrated web applications for small, medium and large enterprises. Our web applications are customized to each client’s specific business model, objectives and budgets giving the best ROIs, with ongoing support and services forming part of our service offering. Whether it is e-commerce, CRM, inventory or a wholly integrated deployment to manage your business seamlessly using desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones, we offer specialized services that match and exceed expectations.

Web design

Web design is an art and science, blended beautifully in our web design offering. While the front end is well structured, easily navigable, has unique looks and stunning graphics, the backend has cutting edge technologies and in-built SEO to give your website a head start with our wholly integrated state of art web design services. From small to large enterprises we serve each with customized offerings, providing a priceless link in your global marketing effort, backed by full support and services at anytime, from design to hosting and beyond.

Web development

Integration of web applications and web design forms part of our SEO optimized web development service offering, providing end to end solutions. Our web development activity proceeds in consultation with clients to help achieve their objectives and deliver full value for money. Whether it is simple web development or a vast web involving e-commerce, inventory and CRM as well as CMS, turn to us for the best in cutting edge technologies backed by a super-proficient team of specialists.